"I met a girl, we fell in love and we went to live together. But the best is yet to come: we’re expecting a daughter, which I think is just the kick I needed to become truly excited about life and to distance myself from what had harmed me so much… I often talk with my wife about the days I spent with you, with our other companions, about the work we did, how we made progress, how we regressed… All of the anecdotes, messages and projects that, in my case, have become a reality.".

"It’s been two months since I last visited you. I’m still doing great. I’m working, and I even work nights. I’m still involved in group therapy and I’m still visiting the psychiatrist… I’m really grateful for my stay at Galatea ‘hotel’, my own little bubble that isolated and protected me. I’m grateful for your response, your patience and your intense dedication… Thank you for the work you do. Keep it up, we really need you.".

"Please give my best to all the Barcelona staff. I was admitted on two occasions. I’m writing because I’m eternally grateful to all of you for your hard work, which little by little has given its fruits… I really wanted you to know that things have turned out well for me.".