The Caring Program for Sick Physicians (PAIMM in Catalan, PAIME in Spanish) –managed by the Fundació Galatea- was launched by the Barcelona Medical Council to help physicians with mental disorders and/or addictions recover their wellness in order to be able to go back safely to practice.


The Barcelona Medical Council was the first physician institution in Spain to organize a specific care program for physicians with mental disorders and/or addictions.  It started to work in 1998, thanks to the sponsorship of  the Barcelona Medical Council the Department of Health and Social Security of the Government of Catalonia and the Catalan Health Service.

The Galatea Foundation, created in 2001, coordinates the clinical program (tertiary prevention) but also leads other activities linked to primary and secondary prevention. In Catalonia, several healthcare professional councils have signed agreements with the Galatea Foundation in order to offer their registered professionals benefit from Galatea Foundation and Galatea Clinic services.


  • To offer a specialized, multi-disciplinary, and highly confidential, integral caring treatment for physicians with mental disorders and/or addiction.
  • To promote the physicians’ wellness both in their personal and in their professional lives.
  • To warrant fitness to practice Medicine safely.


The PAIMM is developed at the:

  • Medical Council
    • Reception Unit.
    • High risk patients’ follow-up section.
    • Independent psychiatric-psychological assessment for physicians with malpractice complaints.
  • Galatea Clinic.
    • Inpatient Unit.
    • Outpatient Unit.
    • Day-Hospital Unit.
    • Specific programs for severe cases.